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Paisley Jaimes is a contemporary women's boutique, based out of Miami, FL with clothing and accessories curated by long-time best friends and cousins, Krysta and Alyssa.  Originally founded by Krysta in 2018, Alyssa went with her on her first shopping trip to purchase merchandise for the boutique, and helped with PJ's launch party back in 2018. As time went on, Paisley Jaimes took a backseat to life, and Krysta and Alyssa's friendship grew even stronger than before. Throughout this time, the girls bonded over fashion and style, always letting each other know when there was a sale going on and sending each other cute outfits on Instagram - at least 23 times a day.

Fast forward to 2020, Alyssa and Krysta decided to re-launch Paisley Jaimes together during the infamous COVID-19 quarantine!  


Shop Owners, Alyssa and Krysta